Ethan (Yihui) He

Ethan (Yihui) He

I’m an AI research scientist (4k citations) / full stack engineer (5k GitHub stars) / influencer on Zhihu (9k followers). check out my bio for more info.

selected research papers

Channel Pruning for Accelerating Very Deep Neural Networks
Bounding Box Regression with Uncertainty for Accurate Object Detection
Epipolar Transformers

open source projects

Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation with TensorFlow
GAN on MNIST with TensorFlow
ResNet on CIFAR-10 with Caffe
ResNet on ImageNet with Caffe
Xception with Caffe
Generate mini-ImageNet with ImageNet
Estimated Depth Map Helps Image Classification
Multi Object Detection with YOLO on Artwork Dataset
panorama with MatLab
structure from motion with MatLab
lip tracking with snake active contour and particle filter


AI reading
deep learning engineer manual
privacy preserving AI
system design
project management
jkubernety Dr.e and google cloud platform